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                      Crane jib and outrigger pretreatment powder coating + painting line

                      time:2021-03-02   visitor:154

                      Industry: Construction Machinery

                      Process flow: (powder coating) loading - cleaning - drying - powder spraying - powder curing - cooling - unloading

                      (Painting) loading - cleaning - drying - painting - paint drying - cooling - unloading

                      The customer is the Top 500 Asian Brands, and is an excellent supplier of Zoomlion, a well-known manufacturer of high-tech equipment such as construction machinery and agricultural machinery. The crane jib and outrigger coating line provided by OURS Coating has upgraded the customer’s production capacity and anti-corrosion performance of the products.  It makes the customer more powerful and has been recognized by the leadership of Zoomlion.

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