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      Work together with WSD to create a better environment

      Around the problem of wastewater treatment, WSD developes evaporator concentration and crystallization series to help customers realize the environmental protection requirements of source reduction, reclaimed water reuse or up to discharge standard.
      Around the field of oil pollution control, WSD provides purification products with international leading technology to meet customers' demand for high-definition clean oil control and the pursuit of forward-looking maintenance of equipment.

      Focus on wastewater treatment and oil purification equipment

      WSD has a high-quality R & D and production team of environmental protection equipment, which has obtained inventions and utility models more than 30, many technologies have been introduced into the industry market, and many products have obtained the high-tech product certification of Jiangsu Province.

      Wastewater treatment cases

      The evaporator concentration and crystallization series developed by WSD have much advantage such as high energy efficiency ratio, flexible energy, not easy to scale / corrosion, no secondary pollution of tail gas, good dispersion of concentrate, good effluent effect and high concentration multiple.

      Oil purification cases

      WSD oil purification equipment has solved the abnormalities caused by oil pollution for a large number of customers, extended the service life of oil products, reduced the failure rate and improved the startup rate of equipment, achieved a circular economy, and made contributions to the economic benefits and energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises.

      Well-known cooperative brands

      WSD has provided efficient services for thousands of customers with high-quality products, which has been recognized by many big brands and well-known enterprises.