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                      LIQUID PAINTING SYSTEM

                      Liquid painting is used to give high quality asthetic finishes and can be applied on metal.  There are various liquid painting processes for different substrates, shape of components based on ultimate finish and quality requirements. 

                      We design, manufacture and sell various liquid painting lines, paint booth, spray and baking booth, drying room and other equipment.

                      Liquid painting line

                      It is composed of the preheating oven, spray booth, leveling chambers, fill the paint room, paint drying furnace, electrical control systems, conveyor system, transmission equipment and other components paint.

                      Paint booth

                      The spray booth is non-standard equipment. It must be properly selected and carefully designed and manufactured to obtain the best economic and technical results. The most basic task of the spray booth is to exhaust the paint mist, paint dust, and solvents generated during the spraying process.

                      Dry Type Spray Booth: Dry Filter Centrifugal Spray Booths are recommended when paint consumption is less or water is scarce. It is composed by the chamber body, exhaust system and mist processing device.

                      Wet Type Spray Booth: There are three common types: water rotary, Venturi and water curtain. Large workpieces, such as automobile bodies, are often used in Venturi or water rotary spray booth; small workpieces, such as automotive steel rings, are often sprayed with water curtain.

                      Painting Robots

                      Industrial control automatic system integration, provide products with reasonable cost performance.


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