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                      PLASTIC DIP COATING

                      Strong technical force and rich production experience to provide efficient, energy-saving, affordable, and technology-leading dip coating equipment

                      Products are widely used in many fields, strong corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly pollution-free, bright colors, service life up to 30 years


                      Dip coating line

                      Metal dip coating is a new technical treatment process for anticorrosion of metal surfaces. China's plastic dip coating products involve various fields such as highways, railways, urban management, gardens, agriculture and fishery, tourism, housing construction, medicine and health.

                      Dipping is a heating process: metal preheating, dipping, and curing. During the dipping, the heated metal sticks to the surrounding materials. The hotter the metal is, the longer the dipping time is and the thicker the material is. Naturally, temperature and dip shapes are the keys to determining how much plastisol sticks.

                      The dipping materials are various plastic powders.

                      Dipping machine is divided into ordinary type, semi-automatic type, fully automatic type.

                      Main parts: front oven, lifter, rear oven, electrical control cabinet; accessories: rack, bucket, link guide and other components.

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